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The Board of Directors would like to welcome everyone back for a new season of bowling.

A big change for this year is the launch of our new local association awards program. This program consists of awards for honor scores and other special achievements, is in addition to the existing USBC awards program, and carries no additional cost to the bowler. Anyone holding a current sanction card in both the USBC and the Niagara Falls Bowling Association is eligible for these local awards.

Niagara Falls Bowling Community

The Board put a lot of time and effort into launching this program, and we think the Niagara Falls bowling community is going to be pleased with the results. Please click here to see the award form. All league secretaries have copies of these forms, so if you bowl a qualifying score (see the award form for details on qualifying scores), please get a form from your league secretary to fill out.


The cost of this program was significant, and in order to help offset as much as possible, the Board sold $5 lottery tickets for the month of October. A good number of tickets were sold, but we need to do better. It is the Board’s hope that we only need to sell these tickets for 2 months to fund the program for a full season. Tickets will be sold again in early 2016, so if you like what we have come up with for the awards, please consider buying a ticket to support the program.

Hall of Fame

We are currently accepting nominations for our Hall of Fame. Please see the link below for a copy of the nomination form. The form can be emailed to us at [email protected], or mailed to our Business Manager, Bobbi-Lynn Marshall, at 1122 Saunders Settlement Road Niagara Falls, NY 14305.

We would also like to hear from any bowlers with potential candidates for the Bowler of the Year awards. As the season progresses, please email us or talk to any board member with your thoughts on this. We award both a Bowler of the Year and a Senior Bowler of the Year. Please keep in mind that in order for accomplishments to be considered (for Bowler of the Year or Hall of Fame), they must have been bowled in a sanctioned league.

Meritorious Service

Outstanding Performance

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